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Research Portal B-ON (Gualtar)

Training session on the Research Portal B-ON (Online Knowledge Library)


The Online Knowledge Library - B-ON is a virtual library that provides online content from leading publishers and suppliers of international content to academic and research institutions in Portugal.


This training session aims to explore the functionalities of the b-on portal, concentrating on the available resources, the research services and the functionalities of the personal area. This session will be preferentially targeting students and other users unfamiliar with these research resource.

This training session will be in English, trainees are required to bring their laptops to allow for a practical accompaniment of the session.




  • Introduction to the Online Knowledge Library  (B-ON)
  • Contents in B-ON
    • Sources of information and typologies
    • Main sources of information on B-on
  • Services
    • Research Services
    • User training and support
  • General search strategies
  • Research Service
    • Basic search
    • Advanced Search
    • Filters
    • Search Results
    • Tools
    • Search for publications and other resources
  • Manage personal area
    • Registration and access to personal area
    • Create and organize personal folders
    • Save searches and records
    • Share personal folders
    • Save Alerts




The realization of this training session is subjected to a minimum of 8 participants.

Please, fill out the registration form below, a valid email address is compulsory, in the event of any possible contact regarding the cancellation of the session.

If you need any further clarification please contact us by email formacao@sdum.uminho.pt   or by telephone (253 604 153).


14:00 - 16:00
Campus de Gualtar, Biblioteca Geral
Fontes de ICT Idioma: inglês
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Informação de contacto:

Biblioteca Geral da UMinho, campus de Gualtar
Tel: 253 604 153
Biblioteca da UMinho no campus de Azurém
Tel: 253 510 119/167
Email: formacao@sdum.uminho.pt